Jonas Johnson started Isasmedjan as a hobby back in 2017 in a small town in southern Sweden and in 2019 began working full time on making knifes out of his work shop. All the knives are made in house from scratch including the handles, forging, welding, grinding & polishing. He takes great pride in his work and every time he makes a new knife he improves the process a little bit more. Jonas prefers Swedish high carbon steal & German tool-steel and likes to finish the knives in a very rustic polish. His favourite knives to make are the honyakis but the time involved to make one of this is considerable and not many are made. His love of Scandinavian culture shows on all his knives with his signature runes “Isasmedjan” writing on the blade is something only Jonas does and sets him apart from the rest with such great style. ​​​​​​​

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